MikroTik netPower 16P (CRS318-16P-2S+OUT) Outdoor 18 Port switch with 16 Gigabit PoE-out Ports and 2 SFP+.

MikroTik Switches netPower 16P An outdoor 18 port switch with 16 Gigabit PoE-out ports and 2 SFP . Power all your access points anywhere!

Powering a bunch of access points or IP cameras and a few uplinks on a tower has never been easier. netPower 16P has 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE-out and two SFP ports for 10G fiber uplinks.

Its sturdy and compact outdoor enclosure allows the switch to be mounted in all kinds of environments – from damp attics and shafts to towers, masts and poles with hose clamps.

netPower 16P has a non-blocking throughput of 36 Gbps, switching capacity of 72 Gbps and forwarding rate of 53.6 Mpps.

Device itself does not have onboard voltage converter. You need 24V PSU to have 24V PoE out and/or 48V PSU to have 48V PoE out (IEEE 802.3 at/af).

* Power supply is NOT included with the product. You are welcome to use your preferred power option, like battery pack etc. Compatible also with MikroTik power supplies 24HPOW, 48POW and 48V2A96W
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Product codeCRS318-16P-2S OUT
ArchitectureARM 32bit
CPU core count1
CPU nominal frequency800 MHz
Dimensions303 x 212 x 78 mm
License level5
Operating SystemRouterOS/SwitchOS
Size of RAM256 MB
Storage size16 MB
Storage typeFLASH
Tested ambient temperature-40°C to 70°C
Suggested price$279.00


Number of DC inputs2 (DC jack)
DC jack input Voltage18-30 V / 48-57 V
Max power consumption316 W
Max power consumption without attachments16 W


PoE-out portsEther1-Ether16
PoE out802.3af/at
Max out per port output (input < 30 V)1.1 A
Max out per port output (input > 30 V)0.6 A
Max total out (A)2.8A (18V-30V) & 1.4A (48V-57V) x2 A


10/100/1000 Ethernet ports16
Number of 1G Ethernet ports with PoE-out16


SFP ports2


CPU temperature monitorYes
Voltage MonitorYes

Certification & Approvals

CertificationCE/RED, EAC, ROHS

Switching results

CRS318-16P-2S OUT
ModeConfiguration1518 byte512 byte64 byte
SwitchingNon blocking Layer 2 throughput2,925.935,531.98,458.634,646.653,571.427,428.6
SwitchingNon blocking Layer 2 capacity2,925.971,063.78,458.669,293.253,571.454,857.1
SwitchingNon blocking Layer 1 throughput2,925.936,000.08,458.636,000.053,571.436,000.0
SwitchingNon blocking Layer 1 capacity2,925.972,000.08,458.672,000.053,571.472,000.0

Ethernet test results

CRS318-16P-2S OUT98DX226 all port test
ModeConfiguration1518 byte512 byte64 byte
Bridgingnone (fast path)104,11264.2119,1487.8141,172.2
Bridging25 bridge filter rules59,7725.059,7244.570,436.0
Routingnone (fast path)104,11264.2129,7531.3143,573.5
Routing25 simple queues56,7688.657,9237.265,233.4
Routing25 ip filter rules44,1535.645,6186.848,424.8

  1. All tests are done with Xena Networks specialized test equipment (XenaBay),and done according to RFC2544 (Xena2544)

  2. Max throughput is determined with 30 second attempts with 0,1% packet loss tolerance in 64, 512, 1518 byte packet sizes

  3. Test results show device maximum performance, and are reached using mentioned hardware and software configuration, different configurations most likely will result in lower results

Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
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