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The Dawn of Intel's 14th Gen CPUs: All You Need to Know!

  • ExcelDisc Team
  • Updated: Sep 02, 2023
  • 4 min read

Hey, tech aficionados! The CPU universe is buzzing louder than ever, and if you're wondering why, it's all thanks to Intel's upcoming 14th Gen chips. From anticipated specs to some scintillating leaks, we've got the full lowdown right here

So, whether you're a die-hard Intel fan or just a curious tech junkie, strap in and let's take a thrilling ride into Intel's future.

1. A Quick Flashback: The 13th Gen Chips

Almost a year back, Intel took the tech world by storm, unveiling its 13th gen processors. As we near its first birthday, Intel's got another ace up its sleeve – the 14th gen chips. Ready for a surprise?

2. Raptor Lake's Rise: Key Takeaways

  • Variants to Watch Out For: There's chatter about three new K-series processors – the i5 14600k, i7 14700k, and the beastly i9 14900k.
  • Pumped-up Performance: If the leaks hold water, the i9 might sport a frequency between a steady 3.2 GHz and a whopping 6.0 GHz. Hold on to your heatsinks, folks!
  • Core Revolution: The i7 14700k is the talk of the town, with murmurs suggesting a jump from 8 to 12 efficiency cores.
  • Memory and Compatibility: Did someone say 36 MB L3 cache for the i9 and 33 MB for the i7? Oh yes, we did! Plus, whispers of compatibility with the LGA 1700 sockets and 700 series motherboards are making rounds.

3. The Meteor Lake Mystique: What's the Hype About?

  • Sneak Peek: Earlier this year, MSI might've given us a sneak peek into the future. Their showcased Prestige 16 laptop, allegedly powered by a Meteor Lake processor, suggests that 14th gen Intel laptops could be around the corner.
  • Innovative Engineering: Intel's taking a massive leap, with their first client CPU using chiplets! This means a new era of integration and potential.
  • Sockets and Compatibility: Rumor mills are hinting at Intel potentially introducing the LGA 1851 socket, exclusive DDR5 memory support, and more.

4. AMD in the Rearview: What's Their Play?

AMD's response to Intel's 14th gen processors, the Ryzen 8000 series, might not debut this year. According to AMD's roadmap, the launch is scheduled for early 2024. The highlight of this series is the integration of the RDNA 3.5 GPU, which promises a significant leap from the RDNA 3 GPU architecture. Moreover, AMD's Zen 5 CPU will be a ground-up rebuild, emphasizing efficiency, performance, AI optimizations, and machine learning.

While Intel's revving up its engines, AMD isn't far behind. Though their Ryzen 8000 series may not see daylight this year, it's already generating massive buzz. Here's what we know:

  • Launch Timeline: 2024 is when we might witness AMD's next big play.
  • Tech Teasers: The integrated RDNA 3.5 GPU, a quantum leap from the RDNA 3 GPU architecture, is making waves. Add to that, AMD's Zen 5 CPU is said to be built from scratch, with AI optimizations and machine learning in tow.

5. Price Point Predictions: Breaking the Bank?

While our crystal ball (or the lack of it) can't pinpoint exact figures, we're guesstimating the 14th Gen processors' pricing to be on par with the current gen. But hey, always expect a sprinkle of surprises in the tech world!

Intel’s pricing strategy over the years has remained fairly consistent, providing us with a reliable benchmark to predict the price points for the Meteor Lake series. Here’s what we anticipate

Intel Core i9-14900K  $589

Intel Core i9-14900KF – $564

Intel Core i7-14700K – $409

Intel Core i7-14700KF – $384

Intel Core i5-14600K – $319

Intel Core i5-14600KF – $294

We expect the pricing for these six SKUs to remain consistent with the Meteor Lake release, ensuring that Intel’s powerful new generation of processors remains accessible to a broad range of users.


Intel's 14th-gen CPUs are believed to be compatible with both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. So, if you're on the Z690 and B660 boards, a BIOS update might be all you need to make the leap.

Final Thoughts

Intel's 14th Gen CPUs are shaping up to be revolutionary. With the debut of the LGA 1851 socket, DDR5 memory support, and more, Intel seems to be on the precipice of redefining computing standards.

However, as we inch closer to the release date, we're left with several questions. How will these changes impact our current systems? Will the benefits of the new memory and socket design outweigh the potential challenges in upgrading components?

As we wrap up, it's safe to say that the tech world is eagerly waiting for Intel's next move. The upcoming CPUs might not only set new benchmarks but also redefine how we view computing. The Meteor Lake series, especially, is touted to be Intel's magnum opus. And only time will tell if it lives up to the hype.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated with the latest happenings in the tech world!


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