Desktops & Workstations


Although mobile and compact personal computers such as tablets, iPads, and laptops have much more popularity; however, desktop PCs are well-known and highly sought after for their mix of power, reliability, and flexibility.

Desktop computers are available in different styles and models, including sturdy workstations and MacOS computers with lovely displays. This makes them equipped to perform many core capabilities for various types of computing tasks.

Irrespective of the type of work you need a desktop computer for, there's a desktop PC for you. They are efficient for handling business tasks, internet surfing, graphics, video editing, and many more.

Regular desktop models are more suitable for daily use, while PC Workstations are built with state-of-the-art CPUs, high-capacity hard drives, and memory to perform highly intensive computing tasks efficiently.

Types of Desktops

Desktop computers are mainly available in two types, they are the tower or mid-tower model, and the all-in-one model.

Tower desktop computers come in a range of sizes, from mini to tall. The All-in-one desktop computers feature the monitor which has the CPU, memory, and storage, enclosed in it as a compact unit.

There are also desktop PC models that are specially designed to perform optimally for gaming, and backpack PCs ideal for virtual reality.

Most desktop computers on the market operate on the Windows OS. However, Apple lovers can still get access to desktops that run on macOS such as the all-in-one Apple iMac. Mac Operating System has retina displays of up to 27 inches, which is ideal for desktop publishing and video editing work.

Differences Between Regular Desktop Computers and PC Workstations?

Although desktop computers and PC Workstations have similarities both in aesthetics and function, they differ in usage.

Initially, NASA developed workstations for the purpose of handling core data processing and high-performance GPU rendering tasks in Project Apollo. This makes workstations suitable for complex computing tasks such as image synthesis, video editing, mathematical calculations, and Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing.

Features of Workstation

Workstations have built-in hardware that has high specifications. This includes multi-core processors to perform multi-tasks efficiently, high capacity SSD units to deliver data storage and retrieval at high speed, and ECC RAM to identify and correct all kinds of memory corruption.

Most workstations come with advanced graphics cards that include dedicated graphics memory that is specially designed for high-quality imaging and video editing work.

Desktops for Small Spaces

The All-in-one desktop computers are usually stylish and available in either a small, compact form or as micro desktop towers. Due to their small size, these types of towers can easily fit on the top of a desk or behind a computer’s monitor.

So, irrespective of where you work from, home or in an office, or the demand of your work for reliable computer systems, there are various desktop computers that deliver the power, stability, and dependability you need to succeed.

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