Logitech G G923 TRUEFORCE Gaming Controllers | Racing Wheel , Pedals Kit , Driving Force Shifter

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Key Features

  • The G923 TRUEFORCE Sim Racing Wheel & PedalsDriving Force Shifter for PC, Xbox X|S & Xbox One is the ultimate gaming accessory for all racing enthusiasts. This powerhouse is designed to enhance your gameplay experience with its advanced features and solid build.
  • The G923 TRUEFORCE Sim Racing Wheel is an impressive hardware piece that delivers an array of racing features.
  • From the TRUEFORCE feedback technology to the 900-degree rotation angle, this wheel allows you to feel every single detail of the race. Additionally, the wheel is made with a brushed metal finishing which provides sturdiness while giving you a premium feel.
  • The PedalsDriving Force Shifter is another game-changer. It adds more excitement to your racing experience with its realistic brake, accelerator and clutch pedals that offer a realistic feel, along with a responsive throttle. The shifter itself is made for precision and durability, ensuring your gear shifts are always exact.
  • Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned driver, the G923 TRUEFORCE Sim Racing Wheel & PedalsDriving Force Shifter for PC, Xbox X|S & Xbox One will take your racing skills to the next level. So, buckle up and get ready to experience all the thrills of the track!

The Logitech G G923 TRUEFORCE Gaming Controllers is a complete racing simulation kit designed for an immersive and realistic driving experience in racing games. Here's a breakdown of the components included in this kit:

  • Racing Wheel: The Logitech G923 racing wheel is the central component of this kit. It's designed to provide a lifelike and responsive steering experience. Featuring TRUEFORCE force feedback technology, it delivers precise and dynamic force feedback effects that simulate the feel of the road, bumps, and other driving sensations. The racing wheel is essential for steering control in racing simulations.

  • Pedals Kit: Alongside the racing wheel, the kit includes a set of pedals. These pedals replicate the gas, brake, and clutch pedals found in real vehicles. They are constructed to provide realistic resistance and feedback, enhancing the overall immersion and authenticity of racing simulations. Proper pedal control is crucial for accurate acceleration and braking.

  • Driving Force Shifter: The Logitech Driving Force Shifter is included in this kit as an optional accessory. It allows you to manually shift gears while driving, providing a more realistic driving experience for racing games that support manual transmission. It adds an extra layer of realism and control to your racing simulations.

Together, these components create a comprehensive racing simulation setup that closely replicates the experience of driving a real car. The TRUEFORCE force feedback technology in the G923 racing wheel ensures that you can feel the nuances of the road and your vehicle's behavior, providing a more immersive experience.

Before purchasing this kit, be sure to check compatibility with your gaming platform (e.g., PC, PlayStation, Xbox) and specific racing simulation games, as compatibility can vary. This kit is a popular choice among racing enthusiasts and gamers looking for an authentic and enjoyable racing simulation experience.

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Logitech G G923 TRUEFORCE Sim Racing Wheel and Pedals Kit with Driving Force Shifter (PC, Xbox X|S, Xbox One)

Logitech G G923 TRUEFORCE Gaming Controllers | Racing Wheel , Pedals Kit , Driving Force Shifter



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