Mikrotik S-C59DLC40D | Advanced CWDM Connectivity 1.25G 40km 1590nm

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Key Features

1. CWDM Technology: The Mikrotik S-C59DLC40D is an SFP CWDM module incorporating Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology, enabling efficient wavelength-based communication in networking setups.

2. Extended Range Capability: This module is designed for long-distance links, supporting connections up to 40km, making it suitable for scenarios where data needs to be transmitted over significant distances within a CWDM network.

3. Specific Wavelength: Operating at a precise wavelength of 1590nm, the S-C59DLC40D ensures compatibility with CWDM networks, providing a dedicated channel for data transmission, enhancing network organization and efficiency.

4. 1.25G Data Transfer Rate: With a 1.25G data transfer rate, this module delivers reliable and consistent performance, suitable for various networking applications that demand a balance between speed and range.

5. Mikrotik Quality Assurance: Crafted with Mikrotik's commitment to quality, the S-C59DLC40D guarantees a reliable and durable solution, meeting the standards expected from a reputable networking equipment provider in CWDM environments.

1. CWDM Technology for Efficient Wavelength Usage: The S-C59DLC40D is a specialized SFP module utilizing Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology. This enables efficient utilization of different wavelengths for transmitting data, allowing multiple channels over a single fiber optic connection.

2. Extended Reach for Versatile Applications: With a reach of 40km, this module is designed to support extended-distance connections. It is suitable for diverse applications where long-distance data transmission is required, such as in metropolitan area networks (MANs) or large-scale enterprise setups.

3. Dual LC Connectors for Reliable Connections: Featuring Dual LC UPC connectors, the module ensures reliable and secure connections. The dual connectors enhance redundancy and reliability, minimizing the risk of connectivity issues in demanding networking environments.

Note: For detailed technical specifications, compatibility, and installation guidelines, it is recommended to refer to the official product documentation provided by MikroTik.

The MikroTik S-C59DLC40D is a reliable and high-performance CWDM SFP module designed for extended-distance networking applications. With its CWDM technology, 40km reach, and dual LC connectors, it offers a robust solution for scenarios demanding efficient wavelength utilization and reliable connectivity over long distances.

Mikrotik S-C59DLC40D | Advanced CWDM Connectivity 1.25G 40km 1590nm



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