Samsung Wireless Charger Pad | Input Voltage (Max, Fast Charge) 9V, Input Current (Max, Fast Charge) 2.77A

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Key Features

  • The Samsung Charger Wireless Pad supports fast charging with a maximum input voltage of 9V and a current of 2.77A, ensuring your device powers up quickly and efficiently.

  • This wireless pad is compatible with a variety of Samsung and other Qi-enabled devices, making it a versatile charging solution for your smartphone or accessories.

  • With its slim and stylish design, this wireless pad seamlessly blends into your workspace or home, offering both functionality and aesthetics.

  • It incorporates built-in safety features to protect against overheating, ensuring the safety of your device while charging.

  • The charger includes an LED indicator that provides clear visual feedback on the charging status, making it easy to monitor your device's power level at a glance.

It appears you are looking for detailed information about a Samsung Wireless Charger Pad, specifically regarding its input voltage and current for fast charging. Here's a more detailed description:

Samsung Wireless Charger Pad:

  • Input Voltage (Max, Fast Charge): The maximum input voltage for fast charging is 9 volts (9V). This means the wireless charger can accept an input voltage of up to 9V to provide faster charging speeds.

  • Input Current (Max, Fast Charge): The maximum input current for fast charging is 2.77 amperes (2.77A). This represents the maximum amount of current (measured in amperes) that the wireless charger can draw from a power source to deliver fast charging to your device.

Wireless charger pads like this one are designed to charge compatible devices, typically smartphones, without the need for a physical cable connection. They rely on electromagnetic induction to transfer power from the charger pad to the device placed on it. The charger's ability to deliver 9V at 2.77A allows for efficient and faster wireless charging, especially for devices that support higher charging speeds.

Keep in mind that the compatibility of your device with these specifications is essential. Not all smartphones or devices are capable of fast wireless charging, so it's important to ensure that your device supports these voltage and current levels for optimal charging performance. Additionally, it's advisable to use a charger that is manufactured and certified by Samsung or another reputable brand to ensure safe and efficient charging.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Pad | Input Voltage (Max, Fast Charge) 9V, Input Current (Max, Fast Charge) 2.77A



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