Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 | ultimate home AP with LTE support

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Key Features

1. Comprehensive Home Connectivity: The Chateau LTE12 is an all-in-one router designed to excel as the ultimate home AP, offering comprehensive connectivity with LTE support for reliable and high-speed internet access.

2. Versatile Networking Capabilities: With a focus on versatility, this router provides users with a range of networking options, making it an ideal solution for various home applications, from internet browsing to network management.

3. LTE Connectivity for High-Speed Internet:
The router is equipped with LTE support, ensuring users experience fast and stable internet connections, perfect for streaming, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities.

4. Efficient and Space-Saving Design: The Chateau LTE12 features an efficient design, combining functionality with a space-saving form factor, making it suitable for homes where optimization of space is a priority.

5. MikroTik Reliability: As a MikroTik product, the Chateau LTE12 upholds the brand's reputation for reliability, offering a dependable home networking solution for users who prioritize both performance and stability.

Architecture: The Chateau LTE12 showcases an advanced ARM 32bit architecture, laying the foundation for robust and high-performance networking.

CPU: Powered by the IPQ-4019 CPU, this device boasts a quad-core configuration, each core operating at a nominal frequency of 716 MHz.

Switch Chip Model:
Utilizing the IPQ-4019 switch chip model, the Chateau LTE12 excels in data processing, ensuring efficient and seamless networking performance.

Dimensions: With a compact form factor measuring 240 x 156 x 44 mm, the Chateau LTE12 offers versatility in deployment, fitting various networking environments.

RouterOS License: Equipped with a RouterOS license supporting up to 4 connections, the Chateau LTE12 provides scalability and secure networking capabilities.

Operating System: Running on the latest RouterOS v7, this device offers a feature-rich operating system, facilitating user-friendly and intuitive network management.

RAM Size: The Chateau LTE12 is equipped with 256 MB of RAM, enabling smooth multitasking and efficient data handling.

Storage: Featuring 16 MB of FLASH storage, the device ensures ample space for firmware and configuration files.

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures):With an impressive MTBF of approximately 200,000 hours at 25°C, the Chateau LTE12 guarantees long-term reliability and stability.

Tested Ambient Temperature:
Rigorously tested, the Chateau LTE12 operates seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, making it suitable for diverse environmental conditions.

IPsec Hardware Acceleration: Prioritizing security, the Chateau LTE12 supports IPsec hardware acceleration, delivering fast and secure data transmissions.

The Chateau LTE12 stands as a powerful and reliable networking solution, featuring cutting-edge hardware, comprehensive features, and robust performance. Whether deployed in extreme conditions or demanding networking scenarios, the Chateau LTE12 excels in delivering seamless and secure connectivity.

Included parts:

  •      UTP Flat Cable (1.5m)
  •      24V 1.2A power supply (straight plug)

Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 | ultimate home AP with LTE support



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